Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thoughts for 2013

We survived the Mayan Apocalypse. So now what?

This year, I hope you make yourself very uncomfortable and enjoy perpetual stomach butterflies. I hope that in making yourself uncomfortable you meet delightful strangers and eat peculiar desserts. I hope your cats make the conscious decision to use the toilet like civilized people and relieve you of the duty of scooping clumps from their litter box. I hope that someone gives you a gift for no reason at all and that this gift is not a PedEgg. I hope there is a scented candle that smells like chocolate chip cookies, and that you are given a prototype of this candle to test its functionality. I hope you notice little details that fall into the background of your life, like the plumy swirls in your teacup and people with interesting faces. I hope that everything changes for the better and you feel more like yourself.


  1. Well said! I hope to make myself very uncomfortable this year by forcing myself to finish my second draft of my novel and drinking a butt ton of water. lol

  2. Don't make yourself too uncomfortable with the water. And good luck with the novel!