Saturday, December 29, 2012

24 New Things

During winter, it is not uncommon for me to slip into periods of hibernation. In this respect, I am not unlike a bear or my spirit animal, the squirrel. The month of December seemed to go by rather quickly and I suspect that it is because I spent exactly half of it sleeping. Multiple alarms rang daily, cats kneaded, and a small globular cactus was slipped under my pillow to no avail. Nothing could rouse me to consciousness.

When I awoke from my Odinsleep, stretching my atrophic limbs, I looked at the clock and was alarmed by how much time I had wasted. The entire month seemed to have gone by without me. There was so much I had planned to do. I started taking Vitamin D supplements, convinced that seasonal depression and a lack of sunlight must be partially to blame. Then I discovered that they contained trans fats and stopped taking the Vitamin D supplements. I began to research Vitamin D phototherapy.

Since I am mostly motivated by some balance of new adventures and creative mischief, I can’t go on equally dividing my time between my job and my pillow. It will not do.

My friend Sara (whose blog you can find here) compiles a list of things she wants to do before her next birthday every year. I've read several other lists on a number of other blogs and I decided to create a list of 24 new things to do before my 24th birthday. I will reproduce it here, for purposes of accountability.

24 New Things

1. Get a driver’s license
2. Compile a collection of short stories
3. Go to a new country
4. Try Ethiopian food
5. Try Sri Lankan food
6. Eat at Dirt Candy
7. Go to a raw food restaurant
8. Drink traditionally prepared matcha tea, with the froth and whatnot
9. Take a belly dancing class
10. Make sushi
11. Get a henna tattoo
12. Go to Philadelphia
13. Spend a day reading children’s books in a bookstore or library
14. Learn to play a song on my children’s accordion
15. Make a carnivorous plant terrarium from a tank
16. Write handwritten letters to people I don’t talk to often
17. Sew a dress
18. Learn to give a proper back massage
19. Read a graphic novel
20. Make lip balm from scratch
21. Watch Pulp Fiction
22. Spend a night in candlelight when the power is on
23. Go to the Museum of Sex (I already have the tickets)
24. Go to a community swap

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