Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some Thoughts for a New Year

I’m feeling rather inspired by Neil Gaiman’s New Year wishes.

This year, I hope that at least once a day you hurt the muscles in your stomach laughing – but not at someone’s expense. (Something dirty would be acceptable.) I hope this laughter is so intense that your abs become rock solid and you feel more than comfortable in swimwear by May. I hope that every public restroom that you enter in the next twelve months is fully stocked with pristine, unadulterated toilet paper. I hope you make at least one baby laugh, because it releases euphoric chemicals in the human brain without producing side effects or damaging brain cells. I hope that you remain so healthy this year that you produce a noticeable decline in your insurance company’s annual profits. I hope you go to a new, disorienting place in comfortable walking shoes and never feel stuck where you are. I hope you become more yourself and have lots of silences among good friends that don’t feel awkward.


  1. I love how you can make resolutions funny! Reading your blog is going to give me those rock hard abs, so thanks! I really hope you laugh daily, write often, want to dance all the time, have a healthy year, and that you always have toilet paper in public bathrooms!

  2. I wish nothing less for you, Sara S.