Monday, December 16, 2013

Fruits I Have Nibbled

  • The Softest and Creamiest of All Avocados
  • Papaya, blended into a juicy pulp with warm water
  • One small, fuzzy peach
  • An orange banana, not quite so creamy as the ones I am familiar with, but still delicious within its own context.
  • Several very small "apple bananas"
  • A cherimoya, which has a delicate skin of mermaid scales and white, floral flesh like pineapple but not so sour. Just as you find in a watermelon, there are molar chipping black seeds that you must spit into your bowl.
  • The avocado's crumbly spinster cousin, lucuma, which is far tastier as a pastry filling or an ice cream
  • A strange orange fruit that looks apple-esque on its deceptive surface, but when you break open its hard shell the inside is white and fibrous like the gritty substance beneath the peel of an orange and it looks like it might segment like an orange until you penetrate the white layer and discover an egg sack full of gray eyeballs, sticky like fish eggs and clustered like pomegranate seeds. This fruit cannot even be fully understood by means of comparison or even metaphor.
  • A perfect, piney mango.


  1. You have nibbled quite the interesting selection of fruits!! That second picture looks like fish eyes or small eyeballs!

  2. Yeah, it's pretty shocking when you first open it up. It's great if you like eating eyeballs.