Thursday, October 24, 2013

Essential Poe Facts

Very important facts about Edgar Allen Poe’s cottage in the Bronx:
There was no bust of Pallas above the chamber door, I am quite devastated to report.
There is this bust of Poe in the corner of the living room.

It's made of chocolate.

Poe rented the cottage for $100 a year from a farm.
The Bronx used to have farms, as well as forests.
Poe used to drink and play cards with the nearby Jesuit monks. Naughty.
According to the educational video played in a loop in the attic area, the cottage was built with high ceilings in order to conserve heat.
The low ceiling theory doesn't hold up – I nearly leaped over the barriers and lit a fire in the wood stove by rubbing together my dry, dry hands.
Poe had the best writing desk ever. Perhaps it’s a reproduction, but I don’t care. Just look at it.

Poe wrote next to this picture of penguins. You heard it here first.

Virginia Poe passed away in this bedroom.

After Virginia died, Poe wrote a prose poem called Eureka that anticipated the big bang theory.
The Bronx Historical Society volunteer guaranteed that if you read any sentence in Eureka, you will get a headache.
Poe was really, really depressed and thinking about Eternity when he wrote Eureka.
He considered it his magnum opus and submitted himself to death after writing it.
The educational video in the attic said that Poe spent the happiest years of his life there.
Ten minutes later it said they were the most excruciating years of his life. So which one is it?
Probably the latter.


  1. I love this!! Thanks for all these interesting tid bits! I wish I had his writing desk!

  2. Me, too! Do you think the Bronx Historical Society would mind if I were to borrow it? I need it to write my magnum opus.