Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

My mother is having a difficult time with her new cell phone. The keyboard makes too much noise, texting quickly is complicated with the buttons in different places, and the icons have moved around only to spite her. She covets my antiquated phone of yore in all of its low-battery glory. She wants to trade her sparkling new phone for my elderly one.

Will lose all my pictures in the process of switching? Just in case, here are a few masterpieces worth preserving, save some snapshots of pointy men’s shoes and expensive upholstery fabrics. I’ll also spare you the site of me waking up from my wisdom teeth surgery, still high on laughing gas with gauze bulging from my tingling lips.

The Lunchables of the Jewish community, now available at your local Italian grocer. I will eat it in a box and I will eat it with a fox.
Inspiration for a fan fiction I would like to write.
This is the commemorative cookie cake of my senior year of college. It tasted like yellow dye and accomplishment.
Speaking of hairy dogs, Rene Magritte and I have the same taste. (Pomeranians are delicious.)
A frisky Native American in front of my grandfather's grave. Perhaps someday I, too, will be inhumed behind his enormous erection.

One day in the land of my ancestors (Whitehall) I found the grave of my great great great great great great great great grandfather, a general in the Revolutionary War, on a secluded hill. It was sort of obscured by a bush.
Perhaps my great great great great great great great great grandfather would look like this debonair actor from the Last of the Mohicans in casual attire.
This assesses the damage done to my bike after I ran over a bottle of Gatorade, fell onto the blacktop, and nearly got flattened by a car full of old people.
Golf outfits are just as silly now as they were one hundred years ago.

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  1. That Shave the Dog cookie cake did taste like accomplishment!! lol